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For the love of Sports, Fitness and Physical Education' Pivotal fitness & sports Is an organisation of enthusiasts who has of the research based fitness and sports program created after surveys, physical practical & psychological analysis. This program is for every person who would be the foundation stone in building the nation. Our programmes revolve around a range of exciting sporting activities. We build a strong relationship with our partnered schools, who we work closely to ensure that the kids get active and develop a lifelong habit of being involved and active. Our programmes are designed on scientific way, with the concepts of having fun, helping kids learn the fundamentals of Sport, getting kids involved, boosting their skills and confidence and Informal activities that develop the basic movement skills used in Sports. We teach kids the benefits of staying active and having fun in a supportive and encouraging environment. We have trained coaching staff running a wide variety of programmes that set the foundation for an active future. Our vision- is to continue to grow and inspire kids throughout their journey with us. Kids who enjoy sports and exercise tends to remain active throughout their lives and staying fit and can improve kids' performance in the school, build their self-esteem, prevent obesity and reduce the risk of serious diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease later in life. " Pivotal fitness & Sports" program is based on the Physical and Mental Development curriculum for every one (toddler, kids, teenagers, adults and elders).

We have Gym Trainer

Modern Gym & Fitness Facilities



Our program

1) Well designed scientific program for individual needs
2) Gradual training according to capacity of individual.
3) Focus on individual s strength and weakness
4) Monthly assessments keep on updating the progress made and need for improvement
5) Fun activities along with workout routine makes it more enjoyable.

Our coaching way

1) Loving and caring trainers who know how to get the best out of kids.
2) Focus on kids overall health and physical fitness.
3) Our fun activities involves playing and workout
4 ) Developed discipline
5) Development of team spirit
6) Build good habits


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